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The live feed (gone for now but will be coming back) from the DMV website was added to give you new information about all things DMV State Inspections and permit-related regulations.

We added this feature to the website to give you the excellent resource for Safety Inspections in North Carolina, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Holly Springs, and additional locations when applicable.

The feed is located in the DMV Info section below and will be helpful when you need your car needs an inspection. The feed is live, DMV is responsible for its content, we display it here as a useful resource.

As always it’s our Job to make your Safety and Emissions Inspection as fast and convenient as possible. 

Check for Emission Lock -  Its a good ides to run this check before you go and stand in line.  We all know th frustration of waitning, only to find out your need an inspection. 

Other DMV Services -  License renewals, duplicates, driving record, Tags and more.

Window Tinting Regulations - Before you spend time or money tinting your windows, it's a good idea to understand the laws.  They can make you remove it on the spot or leave your car.

Safety and Emissions Inspection  Services/Locations

Wake Forest Location
Wake Forest NC
Garner and Raleigh Location
Garner and Raleigh NC
Inspection station holly springs.
Holly Springs NC

Inspection Services

RU Due Inspections
Police Officer Checking Tint Darkness
Window Tint Pass?
Nitrogen Filling Station
Nitrogen Filling

Safety and Emission inspections are mandatory in North Carolina.  Inspections are all we do, so we can get you in and out fast.  Find a location in Wake Forest, Garner, Raleigh and Holly Springs. Or get additional information about NC Inspections.

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