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Window Tint Fail

My window tint failed inspection!!!

We know how frustrating this can be so we added some helpful information for easily removing window tint, no mess, no fuss and under 20 bucks.

We nabbed the screen shots from a video and added our own text.  We also linked to the raw video but will add a disclaimer:  Language warning and humor warning.  The video is funny and definitely edgy and entertaining, but wont don't Endorse the opinions expressed, and the reason we linked to it is because believe it or not, it was the most concise.  So concise in fact it ranked number one in the Google search.

Step 1 - Your tint failed or you just want to remove the old wore out installation.

Head to the grocery store or you may even find the supplies in the closet in the house.  Pick up some 409 Cleaner and some trash bags (see pic).

Step 2 - Trash bags, the heavy duty slick and shiny ones.

They must be the heavy duty kind to hold the cleaner against the film and allow it to penetrate the glue underneath.  This is critical to create that seal for the wait time involved with soaking.

Step 3 -  Cut the trash bags to fit the window you’re removing the old tint from.  Spray the 409 and soak the old tint until its completely covered and place the trimmed trash back over it.

Step 4 -  Park the car in the hot Sun for 20 Minutes and let it soak.  Reapply if necessary, although the first shot typically get all the old film removed, sometimes if you don’t wait long enough or don’t get a good seal, you will need to repeat the process to get it all.

Step 5 - Find an ege and with your finger nail, begin removing the tint.  Peel it slowly and while its still hot.

The process is simple and no mess.  Here is a link to the full video, the humor alone is worth the link.  Remember our disclaimer :)