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News and Announcments

02/11/2019 -   We are putting the finishing touches to this new website.  We will also be doing the security update required for browsers now.  Google will also be ranking websites using this criteria.  Although we feel like it's overkill for websites that are not ecommerce related, it is required by google.  Ultimatly it's an effort to clean up the Internet and make it more secure for everyone and if we can help with that, that's a good thing.

09/08/18 -   As you can see, we have redesigned our website responsive. Our web design and managment company handles our website afforbably and effectivly. Eliminating the need for us to deal with it. They do a great job. The most recent update is the redesign using responsive technologies, what's cool is it's included in our managment plan so it has that "feels free" perk that we love. We highly recommend talking to Robert at and get a quote. We will be moving the content from the old site to this new site over time and on a schedule. For questions or comments, contact our assigned web master.

Safety and Emissions Inspection  Services/Locations

Wake Forest Location
Wake Forest NC
Garner and Raleigh Location
Garner and Raleigh NC
Inspection station holly springs.
Holly Springs NC

Inspection Services

RU Due Inspections
Police Officer Checking Tint Darkness
Window Tint Pass?
Nitrogen Filling Station
Nitrogen Filling

Important Information Links

Safety and Emission inspections are mandatory in North Carolina.  Inspections are all we do, so we can get you in and out fast.  Find a location in Wake Forest, Garner, Raleigh and Holly Springs. Or get additional information about NC Inspections.

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