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N.C. Inspection and Why

Why Safety Inspections?

Back in the day it didn't matter what condition your car was in, that may be convenient for you, but what about the safety of other drivers, what about that person coming towards you head on because their suspension component broke, or the worn tire exploded, how convenient is an accident?

NC implemented safety standards for motor vehicles in general, to protect you, these standards have to be checked periodically, hence “Safety Inspections.”

We know sometimes getting another inspection on your car can be time-consuming, but think of the big picture, its there for your safety.

Newer cars require emission standards to make sure the air is safe and avoid the pollutants that can accumulate in big cities. Older cars don’t require emission checks. To see which inspection your car needs, search our Information Center.

Ultimately, Safety Inspections are for you, making them quick and easy is what we do.

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Safety and Emissions Inspection  Services/Locations

Wake Forest Location
Wake Forest NC
Garner and Raleigh Location
Garner and Raleigh NC
Inspection station holly springs.
Holly Springs NC

Inspection Services

RU Due Inspections
Police Officer Checking Tint Darkness
Window Tint Pass?
Nitrogen Filling Station
Nitrogen Filling

Safety and Emission inspections are mandatory in North Carolina.  Inspections are all we do, so we can get you in and out fast.  Find a location in Wake Forest, Garner, Raleigh and Holly Springs. Or get additional information about NC Inspections.

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