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Inspections and Window Tinting, Pass/Fail

Window Tinting, Pass or Fail

Will my window tint pass inspection?  The right question, we will attempt to provide an informative answer here.

There are many benefits from window tint for car owners, but very few for Police Officers. Some of you may or may not remember; there was a time when Police Officers were being shot during routine traffic stops, directly through a tinted driver side window in NC. Hence the new regulation by DMV to prevent this dangerous situation for officers doing their job.

To respond without outlawing tint all together, DMV issued a regulation for the amount (Darkness) of tint a registered car owner could have on their windows without a permit (limo companies have the license). Realizing that an outright ban would be an overreaction, they implemented a 32% rule, 32% will allow officers an adequate level of viability while filtering enough UV rays for car owners to enjoy the benefits.

The way its measured is a bit more complicated and is best taken up with your location manager when you bring your car in to have it checked. Fortunately, Tint makers abide by this regulation, and it’s rarely a problem. There only seems to be a problem when car makers tint the window from the factory, and someone applies the legal limit on top, effectively increasing the shade, past the legal threshold.

Removing tint is relatively simple and straightforward, but removing the residual adhesive that left behind is another story, it can be an intense labor process and again should be taken up with your location manager.

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Safety and Emission inspections are mandatory in North Carolina.  Inspections are all we do, so we can get you in and out fast.  Find a location in Wake Forest, Garner, Raleigh and Holly Springs. Or get additional information about NC Inspections.

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